Safety Tips

When do I need my extinguishers inspected or serviced.

1. All extinguishers in a business need to be inspected and certified annually. Even if you have purchased your own extinguishers, they have to have a certification tag on them.

2. At 6 years of age, most dry chemical, servicable extinguishers, have to have a maintenance which requires emptying the extinguisher, inspected internally, cleaned and recharged. Non rechargable extinguishers don’t have to have this done, although once used, they have to be discarded and replacement is necessary.

3. Age 12 years of age, serviceable extinguishers have to have a 12 year hydrostatic test preformed. This includes all of the 6 year steps plus a high pressure water test to check the strength of the extinguisher cylindar.

4. Certain types of extinguishers have different requirements. Example: Class K kitchen extinguishers have to have a hydrotest done every 5 years.